In the 1970s to the early 1980s, the Japanese production of electronic quartz watches, with its precise timing and the low price of the Swiss watch industry had a tremendous impact. In this crisis, in 1983, Tissot joined the world's largest watch group - SWATCH GROUP (Swatch Group), and in which play an important role. "There's including Swatch Tissot watches, including 18 well-known brands, the Group's founder and current Chairman of the Xihaiyake President (Mr • Hayek)" Here Yao Zhongwei very excited, "In Europe, some may not know Switzerland Who is the president, no one will know, Mr. Hai Yake, and once I flew to Zurich, sat next to a German, he immediately brought about Tissot Mr. Hai Yake said he was great, and promote the entire Swiss watch industry. "Hai Yake Mr. Swatch Group under the leadership of each of its brands into a unique culture and a breakdown of their market position. Tissot Watches
    Tissot T-Race watches Tissot's objective is to create innovative, dynamic image, a representative of fashion and trends. So, Tissot brought England football star Michael Owen as Tissot ambassador and actively participate in the global sponsorship of major sporting events. Yao Zhongwei said Tissot to become an experienced centuries-old, one of the most important reason is its business philosophy, "Tissot's corporate philosophy is very simple, at different times is to find the right person to manage the company, and use of the system to guarantee that it can continue to be innovative and self-improvement, a lack of innovation in the enterprise is unlikely to last long. Tissot PRC200 wathces
    replica Tissot T-Race watches In 1994, Tissot's formal entry into China, and now, eight years the business grew more than 8 times the annual growth of more than 30%. Especially since 2001, Tissot is in China's growth performance in the global growth in all countries and regions in the most obvious. "Business growth is one of the reasons I use the services of U.S. companies in the original study of sales management skills, especially in the vendor orders, we ship orders to change the way before the introduction of a rolling three-month orders for ordering program, we require customers to make an appointment for selling products, place orders months in advance, thus avoiding the lag product availability and sales of the merchandise. replica Tissot PRC200 watches