Switzerland as a small country in Europe, small land area and lack of resources but it has almost the highest per capita income and standard of living, as it brings enormous economic benefits and an international reputation is its long history of banking, the other is It's the watch industry. In a market economy, the good brand good products like the legendary martial arts world, like moving, and in these legendary among the Swiss watch industry is undoubtedly part of the temptation for people. Recently, we finally have the opportunity of the correspondent depth look at the Swiss watch industry's past and present, July 30, Tissot China / Hong Kong Yao Zhongwei, vice president of Metro City Xujiahui sitting very chic reception room fifth floor office in China in an interview to a reporter.replica Tissot Watches
    Tissot PRC100 watches Early thirties, manicured, very unique, "goatee", Yao Zhongwei multinational companies in China may be the youngest president of one. "Tissot has the basic features of the traditional Swiss watch: never wear sapphire glass surface; case by the steel material; with 30 meters water resistance; Swiss movement as high-quality Swiss watch brand, Tissot prices are very moderate, the main price of 2 to 3,000 yuan, and is a global uniform price. "Yao Zhongwei brief clearly summed up the Swiss watch brand Tissot commonality and individuality. I am afraid that many Chinese consumers do not know, Tissot such a catchy, poetic input on the brand, a long history, Seoul ya famous international trademark, it is actually derived from its founder's name - CHARLES-PELICIEN TISSOT.replica Tissot PRC100 watches
    Tissot Le Locle watches Tissot was born in the nineteenth century, Swiss watch Goes to the period of development, 1853, case co-worker installed CHARLES-PELECIEN TISSOT watch with him professionally trained son of CHARLES-EMILE, the one in five small Swiss LELOCLE building, the studio co-founded the Tissot installed, started his own. Tissot studios generally work points to nothing in the cold winter in the farmer watchmaker, a few weeks after their return the product for testing directly from Tissot and his son, in line with process specifications, it was on to the Department name. The work is not satisfactory, then mercilessly eliminated - can be said that Tissot have long noted the "strict quality control", the "quality brands." replica Tissot Le Locle watches