Recently, the Swiss watch brand Tissot in the "Green City" Nanning held a press conference, granted Tissot Nanning Dream Island department store counter sales of the top ten titles in China. Tissot ambassador Barbie Hsu (Big S) has arrived in Nanning came as guests of honor to witness another record store as a sales Tissot miracle. At the same time, in order to repay Dream Island department store customers, large S Nanning consumers with "high touch", the Tissot watch personally handed over to the new water lily series at Dream Island, the first department store customers to purchase the watch, and to share with you watch with a secret.Tissot Watches price
    Tissot PRS200 watches Conference in the wonderful folk music performances started, followed by Tissot, vice president of China, Mr. Yao Zhongwei came to power, communication with the host, he made ​​special mention of Nanning Dream Island Department Store in the first half of this year's outstanding performance - Tissot sales ranked the top ten. Is usually the top ten in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities, shops, a department store in the southwest area of the first of its kind to be among the top ten.replica Tissot PRS200 watches
    Tissot T-Moments watches To express Tissot Dream Island Department Store for the recognition, voice large S Tissot charm the crowd cheers stunning debut, wearing a pink dress, she displayed a confidence and charm, she will be engraved on behalf of Tissot "Tissot national sales top ten" of the medals awarded to Miss Zhong Qun, also expressed his congratulations as the brand ambassador of Tissot. After detailing the big S's feelings came to Nanning, Guangxi, also spoke about this new image of the shooting. S commercials this year's main product is water lily series, which is decorated with a range of wrist watches and between products, case with blooming water lily shape, 18K rose gold or made ​​of gold, and pink dial is used mother of pearl color, like a water lily flower pin. 12 locations containing a top Wesselton diamonds, while the remaining positions are omitted, the scale, even simple dial highlights the overall shape of the water lily realistic and natural.replica Tissot T-Moments watches